Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Development machine recommendations sought...

Posted by Jerry Asher on
Hmmm Mhz.  Forty eight hours later.  Speedy!  Bringing up NTemacs with my horrible .emacs (made by accretion of so many other folks' .emacs) used to take on 30 seconds or so.  Ten seconds now to a useable emacs on NT!  I love that Supermicro, to say it once again, their motherboard supports processors way beyond the configurations available at the time they were selling the motherboard.

Now pricewatch tells me I can get a Ultra160 SCSI controller and 30G drive for about $335 and an Ultra SCSI-2 setup for about $260.  Am I going to notice the difference between 160Mb/s vs 80Mb/s on my older development machine, or is my $70 better spent at the movies?