Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Development machine recommendations sought...

Posted by Jerry Asher on
Oops, sorry Gil, I know next to nothing myself.  You don't want my system, it's based on a motherboard that probably hasn't been sold for 18 months or more.  I'm just trying to extend it's life for a reasonable amount of money, in lieu of spending "much" more on a new system.

The motherboard I am using is from Supermicro, and the two takeaways I have is that your motherboard investment is perhaps the most important part of your system, and once you've priced your motherboard, an inexpensive additional investment would be to get a dual processor motherboard.  I used to get those Fry's specials: $49 mobo.  But I have found the Supermicro motherboard (at $150 maybe?) to be absolutely rock solid, and almost as important, and this may just have been luck, it has remained a useful system for almost three years now.

But as to which motherboard, or which chipset you should get, well that's some other guy (maybe Don), not me.

About a year ago(?) I was thinking of building an ACS site where folks could just enumerate and detail specific motherboard/controller/vendor/application solutions and how well they have worked out.  Sort of a geek/niche version of epinions.  And then the dotcom market collapsed and my $49M funding vanished.  Yeah, that's the ticket.