Forum OpenACS Q&A: ACS 3.x: "Member Fields From Group Type" vs OACS 4: "Attributes of this type of group"


In ACS Classic 3.4 when you created a group type you could also
define group-specific fields (they were called "member fields from
group type". For example, we have a customer ID.  When we created our
authorized users group type we created a customer_id field.  So every
user that got added to the authorized users group would also enter
their customer id.

This doesn't appear to have come over to OpenACS 4, instead the
groups have attributes themselves.  Am I confused?  And if so, where
should I put user-specific data when the specific fields are
different depending on which group they are in?  It seems there was a
thread on this topic sometime ago but I can't find it.