Forum OpenACS Q&A: /admin/users does not show all groups


Is there some reason why /admin/users doesn't show all the groups
defined in the system?  It seems to show only groups that are parents
of other groups.

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
If you actually mean /admin/groups/ then I can not reproduce your problem. This page shows all groups on my installation, grouped [sic] by their group-type. So it looks for example like this:

o Foo Group Type
  o Foo Group One
  o Foo Group Two

o Bar Group Type
  o Bar Group One


It seems to leave out group-types which have no group defined yet though - you have to go to /admin/group-types/ to see those.

What kind of groups exactly are not shown on your installation?

Posted by C. R. Oldham on
No, actually I meant acs-admin/users--under the "Complex Search" section where you can search for users in particular groups.

However, I also found another interesting thing--I created a new group type, and created a bunch of groups of that type.  On the group admin screen it says "Display all 45 groups", but I don't have 45 groups, I have 19.

I've also discovered that the pl/sql function acs_groups.member_p is a no-op, it was never written.  There does not seem to be any function defined in the system to tell me if a user is a member of a particular group.