Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Proposal to update leadership team membership

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
It would be great if these nominations came from the community and the actual selection was made by the leadership team and/or board. Sound like a plan?
Ok, right now the team is Emma, Dave & Don. So will be good to increase the team, have more active participation, and be able to do the tasks:

I nominate the following:
- Byron Linares, who's one of our lead developers at Galileo and as some of you know we are working towards increase our contribution and participation in the next .LRN releases.
- Alvaro Rodriguez, who has been working for quite a while with the .LRN Consortium.
- Miguel Angel Cordova, works at Innova/UNED, and have shown a lot of interest in contributing in the community.

Of course, please, you all three confirm that accept to be nominated (since I haven't talked with you about this =).

Also, if someone else wants to get involved, please do not hesitate to say so. What about Raul, are you going to continue?

Posted by Don Baccus on
Roc, no decision has been made AFAIK. We should first

1. decide (and announce any decision)

2. Post opening things up for nomination

3. THEN post your nominations

At minimum the board and leadership team needs to discuss some basic stuff, like how we'll decide (vote of those on the board and leadership team? board alone? ???).

Currently the leadership team is that set of people listed as such at Yes, we want to change it. As of yet, we haven't.

Ok, lets make first the decision, and if we end up having people to nominate, my nomination still stands.

What we need to do to make the decision?
I second Carls in that community nominate people.

To add more, here we have this:

.LRN Leadership Team – A group of people decided on by the .LRN Board and Leadership Team. .LRN Leadership Team members do not have to be voting .LRN members.