Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to newbie moving on...

Posted by Pavel Boghita on
Don, thank you for your answer. I found your comment reasurring. I
have to admit that at times I was a little aprehensive about asking
newbie questions openly on this forum, as my perception was that
people asking questions here are already experienced programmers
learning openacs in a week or two and using the toolkit for a
contract immediately after that. Well I am in a completely different
category, someone learning the abc of almost everything,
who until not very long ago didn't have much of an idea of what a
server really is - hence the suggestion of a newbie (newbie as in
almost newborn...😉 forum.
But I'll definitely carry on with my study and try to use this forum
as a resource, as I think it is meant to be, even if this may cause
annoyance to some of the more experienced people around here. After
all annoying questions can be ignored without too much pain.