Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Serving up OpenACS from home

Posted by Alex Sokoloff on
One thing I forgot to mention that was quite annoying about @home was that something about their how their network was set up caused ssh connections you made to machines outside your home to be dropped after a certain amount of idle time. Quite annoying for telecommuting. I took to running screen so I'd get my session back. The ssh server does some kind of handshake periodically to make sure there's still a terminal out there, and kills the session if it doesn't find one. The @home network behaved as though it shut down the connection until it was revived from inside, at the terminal end. Never have this problem with Roadrunner.

You can turn off the auto-kill feature on the ssh server, but you'll have old processes running and running if you kill your terminal session without first logging off. Actually, if you're sloppy using screen you're liable to have a lot of processes running too.