Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to nsvhr /nssock/nsunix config

Posted by Randy Kowell on
I have choosen to use nsunix and nssock, perhaps that has been my mistake? I have all ther servers configed within a single file and start each server as new process: These are the snippets you may be able to help me with

ns_section "ns/server/vhr-master/module/nsvhr/maps
ns_param ""    "unix://ottawamax.nsunix"
ns_param ""  "unix://ottawamax.nsunix"
ns_param  ""      "unix://vancouvermax.nsunix"
ns_param  "" "unix://vancouvermax.nsunix"

ns_section "ns/server/ottm_cserver/module/nssock
ns_param port          8080
ns_param hostname
ns_param address
ns_param timeout     0

ns_section "ns/server/ottm_cserver/module/nsunix
ns_param hostname  ""
ns_parm socketfile   "ottawamax.nsunix"

Thank you,