Forum OpenACS Q&A: First Brazillian International OpenACS Conference

Dear community,

It's my pleasure to announce the I International OpenACS Conference in Brasil. The conference will be held at the city of Brasília, in Brasil, at the Brasil XXI Convention and Business Center, during the Forum TIC 2009, in the date of October 30. The event will be sponsored by the United Nations Free and Open Software Collaborative Network and organized by the Forum TIC together with the Brazilian Ministry of Planning.

The main topics for the conference will be:

* Use cases presentation;
* IDE's for OpenACS development;
* OpenACS Performance Tuning;
* Subsite based virtual communities;
* HA and Cluster architectures;
* Knowledge Management;
* OpenACS based tools;
* OpenACS 6.0: what's coming next.

Thanks to the UN funding, the OCT - OpenACS Core Team - is going to be represented by Mr. Rocal Hernandez and the dotLRN board will be represented by Mr. Carl Robert Blesius. We would like to invite everybody who wants to share this event with us to be there and, if that's the case, to send one presentation proposal. If you want to come and have a presentation proposal, please send it to the address If you have any doubts or comments, be my guest and send them also.