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15: Response to CMS on 3.2.5 (response to 1)
Posted by David Kuczek on
Thanks Cynthia,

I encountered a strange behaviour with file-manager... The path variable is not being transfered correctly... It somehow transforms the path into the current url... Is this an aolserver problem?

For example:

I am in /admin/file-manager/

I click on "content" in the left frame that shows the file-system's directory tree

There are two links (Add a file / Add a directory) in the right frame that displays /admin/file-manager/file-list. Originally they should have the path /content, but they always have the path /admin/file-manager/file-list no matter what I clicked on in the left frame...

The same happens when I want to upload a file in file-upload.tcl

In file-upload I changed path to the_path and it works correctly, but that can't be the solution...