Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Contacts 1.0d and AMS 1.0d Todo List

Posted by Matthew Geddert on

I have just uploaded a significant update to cvs. You have to reload the sql/postgresql/contacts-search-create.sql functions and make sure you add the contacts_search_log table from that file and add deleted_p to contacts_searches (or drop and recreate that table). Here is what has changed:

  • The searching code has been significantly cleaned up and standardized throughout the app. We can now search with the proc contact::search_clause in the xql file much like listbuilder, pagination, etc clauses for sql
  • Moving contacts display to lib/contacts has been fixed to allow CSV exports and redirect the user if only one result is returned. This it retains the functionality that had been there before the separation
  • Mapped Groups are no longer displayed in the list of available groups on the index page. Instead from now on you only need to map a group if you need custom form information for that group. We should decide what the best way to deal with groups within contacts is. The heirarchy I had previouly programmed quickly breaks down on sites with complex group structures. We should also have ways of managing what type of membership. Does anybody have suggestions?
  • Users can view other users searches and administrators can make searches "public"
  • public searches replace the previous dropdown on the index page as the "default categories/groups". This has the advantage for an install that needs access to many different groups (such as .LRN) that the admin can sanitize the list. The admin can also put custom searches in there - which is often more helpful than a group by itself. This allows for people to great "all people" and "all organization" searches, but also get as detailed as they want.
  • Below the new public searches on the index page are the users 10 most recently used searches - much like popular office apps show recently opened files. That way if a users uses some other users search frequently they can easily access it.
  • Since the saved searches section lists the number of results from a search and they can be exported to CSV users can create simple reports. They simply created as many advanced searches as they want and they can then export the numbers to a spreadsheet program to make those pie charts everybody loves :-)
Posted by Matthew Geddert on
Oh, and also note that I have added a ForceSearchBeforeAdd parameter to the file. Please add this manually since as far as I can tell there isn't a way to load parameters from that file.