Forum .LRN Q&A: How To? Classes shared across multiple Subjects

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We have a situation where we need to set up our Programmes and Modules in .LRN, where the modules can be under multiple programmes. We would like to be able to add a user to a programme, which gives them permissions to view the modules areas too.

In the past we have had our programmes set up as Subjects and our modules set up as Classes of that Subject. Therefore giving a user permissions to a Subject also gives them permissions to view the Classes underneath it, without adding the user to each class individually.

Although now we need the Classes to be shared amongst a number of Subjects.

Any ideas of how can this be done in .LRN?

We have tried making the Classes 'Open join policy', however this requires each user to click "Join" on each class to grant themselves permissions, which is very inefficient.

We have also tried setting Direct Read Permissions on a class to say, Members of a certain programme can view that class. This didn't work though, it came back with "You don't have permission to portal_read_portal Portal 5103658".

Any ideas?