Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to nsvhr /nssock/nsunix config

Posted by Jason Khong on
I managed to get nsvhr/nsunix (method 1) running a couple hours ago. Try this:
Check the (serverroot)/modules/nsunix directory to see if the socketfiles are created correctly. You should see ottawamax.nsunix= and vancouvermax.nsunix= listed there. If you see anything else, check if your slave servers are loading the modules as "nsvhr" or "nsunix"...
  ns_section ns/server/sopranos/modules
  ns_param   nsvhr                    ${bindir}/
as written in the howto, should instead be...
  ns_section ns/server/sopranos/modules
  ns_param   nsunix                    ${bindir}/
A tiny typo by Jerry, which I think causes Aolserver to create the default socketfiles (ottawamax.nsvhr) instead of your specified socketfiles (ottawamax.nsunix).
I haven't tried using nsvhr /nsunix+nssock yet, will try it sometime soon :)