Forum OpenACS Q&A: MMon and Other utitlies

Posted by Mat Kovach on
I now have a working and tested copy of mmon

Ported to postgres.

Hopefully I'll get around to packaging it in the next few days.

Since we also have uptime ported ( to
postgres and I've started on the multiple DB theme on that (I'm
currently rewriting bits of it to work with just about any DB
that supports reasonable transactions) do we want to consider a
'OpenACS Server Architecture' for maintaining and monitoring
OpenACS installations (and the surrounding applications).  It really
should not be that hard to move most of the tools to stand alone
applications (which they currently are) that run on most databases.

This would be based on the orgianl ArsDigita Server Architecture
use some of the code at as a
start.  I've also hacked a version of reporte into an OpenACS 3.2.5
installation (
so making a stand alone package of that shouldn't be that hard.

I figure having Uptime, Reporte, MTA Monitor, Cassandrix, and maybe
a standlone Keepalive/Watchdog server (to monitor multiple OpenACS
installations) might be helpful for OpenACS installations and could
prove OpenACS with some "Adminstrative Edge" it getting others to
look at OpenACS for deployment.  It would be helpful for a write up
on running and OpenACS site.

Posted by Don Baccus on
First of all you should check the monitoring package for OpenACS 4.  It includes cassandracle and watchdog and has *not* been ported to PG, unfortunately.  I think you could take standalone ports of those tool and easily drop them into the OpenACS 4 framework, giving folks the option of running them within a site or standalone.

Cassandracle can't really be fully ported to PostgreSQL because it doesn't keep track of all the necessary stats.  I think PG 7.2 adds to the stats kept, though, and since our "next" (not 4.5) release of OpenACS 4 will be based on PG 7.2, I think you could do your work assuming PG 7.2's available.

Also ... talk to Roberto, just yesterday he was asking about the aD server architecture and the documents.  I think he'll be excited to hear that you've begun work on what could be the basis for an OpenACS Server Architecture.

Posted by Mat Kovach on

Agreed on the standalone and OpenACS modules.  I wasn't aware the modules (in OpenACS) hadn't been ported yet.  I'll start taking a look at that.