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Posted by Daniele Mela on
It's the first time for me to write in this forum and I am quite new to .LRN too, so I'll try to be as precise as I can in my question.

Is there a feature in the Assessment module which allows:
- to randomize questions (up to now I could find only the funcionality to randomize answer options and sections)?
- to dynamically create a different quiz for every user, taking the questions randomly from a larger set?

Thanks everybody for the help and great work,

Daniele Mela

Posted by Alvaro Rodriguez on
Hi Daniele,

Welcome to the forums!, for what I know about Assessment I'd say that currently does not have a randomization feature, it seems to me like the data model already supports this but it was never enabled/implemented, I'd say it would not be hard to do it.

Hope this helps,

Alvaro Rodriguez

Posted by Daniele Mela on
Hi Alvaro,

thanx a lot for your answer.

Actually, it would very useful to have the possibility to randomize questions within a quiz and to drow questions dynamically from a larger pool. Let's hope for the next release.

Thanx again,