Forum OpenACS Q&A: Storage Mechanism of

Posted by Ulka Rathi on
Can anybody explain or give links for how handles the
huge data storage?
Posted by Walter Smith on
I'm not sure about Yahoo, but the February Linux Journal had a little article that described Google as using more than 10,000 linux boxes to run their service.
Posted by James Thornton on
Yeah - And according to Larry Page's recent talk at Stanford, it's all IDE drives...

Posted by Rich Graves on
No personal knowledge, but I've heard from three independent sources that yahoo is a large and satisfied netapp customer. Probably less so now than in the past (tighter market conditions, more reasonably priced alternatives than existed in the mid-late 90's) but snapmirror is rather nice for critical data centers. We are quite happy housing our Oracle databases on a netapp.    If you're on a budget and can tolerate risk, do your hot backups from linux lvm snapshots.    (ACS is read-mostly, though... I don't know that there's any ACS site with such churn that you couldn't leave the db in backup mode long enough to copy the files. No need to muck about with snaphots or mirror-splitting.)