Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Using .LRN and LAMS as an online framework for K-12 schools...

Sorry to come in late in the thread. Just to add a few more data regarding the work we plan to do at UC3M/E-LANE for supporting IMS-LD within .LRN.

We are exploring the best way to capitalize on the other developments that already happened. Almost all of them have been mentioned in this thread:

* Benefiting from the work LAMS has done
* Benefiting from the integration in alfanet
* Provide a spec strictly oriented to a OACS/.LRN implementation.

The first idea is to provide support within .LRN to interpret and "execute" activities described and organized with an IMS-LD description.

We are aware of the complexity derived from (should I call it) "activity mapping" since the spec is far away from each concrete platform. We will be proposing a solution to that issue to get your feedback. The idea is to provide a solution that may accomodate IMS-LD produced with a wide variety of tools outside .LRN.

As José Pablo mentioned earlier, we will post the spec for everyone to comment. Also, the plan is to post regularly on the progress and issues that will be appearing.

Just another suggestion that I guess it would improve the information flow. How about creating a thread with a more explicit topic name? Something along the lines of:

IMS-LD support in .LRN

I believe, the interest around this issue is growing and with a more explicit title anyone stopping by and interested on this issue may find the discussion immediately.