Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Re: Gush: vservers as development/production environment

Some feedback I got per email:

1. How much space do you typically give the vserver host OS?

--It's going to depend on what the host OS is running. Allow ample room for log files, but unless you plan to do anything substantive in the host, it doesn't need all that much.

2. Have any file system recommendations (e.g. ext3 vs. ReiserFS vs. XFS)? I am tending towards XFS (after doing some reading).

--There were problems at one point with vservers and JFS. Beyond that, no specific advice. I use ext3 since that's what is usually installed on the box when the datacenter turns it over.

3. Any tips on partitioning? Documentation on the web tends to recommend a partition per vserver. Possibly relevant: I plan to separate the DB Server from the web server(s) and plan to keep CR files on the FS.

--If you trust your users (or yourself, if these are all yours), don't. You get a lot more flexibility if you don't chop your space into little bits. If you feel partitioning is essential, you're going to have to work out what your space needs are going to be.