Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to howto run 3.2.5 with European characters on nsd8x

I have some bad notes and patches to make ACS 3.2.5 work with
Japanese. Will work for ISO-XXX as well, but the patches
are hardcoded for shiftjis. You can find them at

I have contributed some patches for OpenACS4 so that configuring
the system for any specific default encoding will just work
from the .tcl config file. Dunno if DonB got them merged in, but
they are sitting in a patch file in the acs-lang module directory

I made things work by compiling postgres with unicode support,and
building the database with unicode enabled, i.e.,

./configure --enable-locale --enable-recode --enable-multibyte
            --with-maxbackends=64 --with-tcl
            --with-perl --with-openssl --with-CXX --enable-syslog

(you don't need all that crap, but that's how my machine
happened to be config''d)

createdb --encoding=unicode openacs-4