Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OACS application framework draft paper

Posted by carl garland on
In your Platform Independence section you point out that Apache
compliance is not receiving a significant level of attention by the
OACS community and proceed to state that it desperatly needs this
attention. While that pov may be held by some in the community it
probably is not the place to request/discuss virtues/tradeoffs considering
that it may sway adopters that are using paper to consider the
framework. You also don't address the reasons for this dependence or
the fact that AOL proper has demonstrated the scalability, performance
of the AOLserver engine by migrated recently purchased properties
(Mapquest, Moviephone, etc) to AOLserver. AOL has demonstrated
their support for the product and their is a vibrant opensource community
enhancing, adding to AOLserver. While giving up AOLserver may
attract outsider attention, support IMO it costs the community more
than it gains.  Although I don't discourage anyone from attempting
to create a new/better mod_nsd that will allow integration I think
its important to realize/point out AOLserver is the high performance
engine in the car that is OACS and while some may desire to rip
out the engine and replace it with a steam engine because most of
the mechanic shops are steam based, there will always be those that
want to use the most highly engineered and not be willing to give
that up.