Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to howto run 3.2.5 with European characters on nsd8x

Okay, I am almost there:

1.) In order to make ns_write return the right characters I had to add the following line to the end of the proc "ReturnHeaders":

ns_startcontent -charset "iso-8859-1"

(ns_return works without this patch)

2.) In oder to use ns_startcontent you will have to install AOLServer 3.3.1ad13

3.) I compiled PG7.1.3 like this:

./configure --enable-locale --enable-recode --enable-multibyte --enable-unicode-conversion --with-tcl --with-perl --with-CXX --enable-syslog

4.) When you are using AOLserver 3.1.1ad13 you don't have to put the line "encoding system iso8859-1" at the end of the nsd.tcl file, because there is an entry in home/aolserver/modules/tcl/init.tcl already:

encoding system [ns_config ns/server/[ns_info server] SystemEncoding iso8859-1]

It might have been set to utf-8 originally... I don't really remember... so just check init.tcl

5.) I created my database with:

createdb --encoding=unicode yourdb


What works now:

1.) Everything is being displayed correctly in a browser (.adp / .tcl / .txt / .html) !!!

What doesn't seem to work properly:

1.) When I create a database with:

createdb --encoding=LATIN1 yourdb

it looks like everything is beeing imported correctly, but when I do a "select * from users;" 0 rows are being returned???!!!

The db is imported correctly when I created the db with:

createdb --encoding=unicode yourdb

2.) When I udpate users.first_names with a German character like "ä" the result is being displayed correctly in the browser. But when I check the database from a shell via "psql mydb" the just added German character is being displayed weirdly... The shell displays the German characters that got imported from my old database correctly though!!!

3.) The same thing happens when I update a file from the file-storage via file-manager... When I edit the file from a browser all the special characters are being displayed correctly. But when I open the file from the shell using "vim" the special characters are being displayed weirdly!!!

4.) Community members' pictuers are not displayed by my browser anymore.. (They are stored in the database and not in the file-storage)