Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Yet another OpenACS 4 website...

Posted by Don Baccus on
After we get this release out, let's talk about incorporating your subsite UI tweaks into our tree.  Can you elaborate on what changes you made for your client?  We may want all of them, some of them, none of them depending on just what you did.  "all of them" wouldn't be a terribly surprising outcome of a discussion!

The bboard's do look very interesting.  I'm not terribly fond of the standard OpenACS 4 bboards, especially "under the hood", but Open Force is doing a lot of repair work as part of the dotLRN effort, so it is going to be better than the code you've seen in the past.  Still, when Ben and I have discussed the package we've muttered "the *bleep*er needs to be rewritten" more than once ...

IMO there's nothing at all wrong with having two bboard packages available for download.  We could include an alternative bboard as part of our "bundle", separately in our download archives (when we have them) or we could simply point people to you.  If enough people vote with their feet, so to speak, your bboard might even replace the current one as the "standard".  Who knows?  Ain't it great?!? :)

Once you see the dotLRN portals package I'm sure you'll want to write a portlet for your bboards, too :)  Open Force has done an excellent job with the new portals package.