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Posted by Min Chen on
Is there any document about the OpenACS tables description?

I want to migrate data from an existing FileMaker application to a new
one based on OpenACS.  This includes users accounts, which means that
I have to create new users accounts on OpenACS for every user I got in
the old application.  But I dont want to do this manually.  That's why
I need to know which tables are involved in OpenACS "add user" process
to program my own "migration module".  I've been looking at the source
code in every "user-add*" file, but I dont see any "insert" sql
statement.  I guess there are functions that contains those statements
I am looking for.  Is there any easier way to solve my problem?


Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
openacs 3.x or 4.x?
Posted by Min Chen on
OpenACS 4.x
Posted by Gilbert Wong on
You can use the acs__add_user/acs.add_user plsql functions directly to add users but it's better to use the ad_user_new TCL function because the passwords are encrypted in the database.  If you use the plsql scripts directly, you could just insert a random password and when the user trys to login, the server can reset the password and email it to the user.