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Posted by Hector Amado on
Hi all,

I would like to announce a new package: Educational Wiki (eduwiki). The Educational Wiki (Eduwiki) Package is a Wiki tool based on xowiki,
Eduwiki aims to be a simple tool for Wiki pages creation in the educational context.
This package lets the teacher to easily define Eduwiki Activities, there are three Eduwiki Types activities: Teacher Wiki, Group Wiki and Student Wiki.
Eduwiki is based on Policy ::xowiki::policy3 to manage permissions to create, read, write and delete per wiki page.

To install you need the following packages from cvs: eduwiki, eduwiki-portlet, dotlrn-eduwiki

Full details about this package in the wiki:

Thanks for your feedback to improve the tool,

Best Regards,
Hector Amado

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Is dotlrn required for this?

This seems like a really useful customization for xowiki that would be applicable outside dotlrn.

Allowing wiki per group or individual seems reusable.

Since dotlrn communities are now application groups it should be straighforward to support subsites or dotlrn communities, keeping all the dotlrn specific integration in the dotlrn-eduwiki package.