Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Tutorial package confusion

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
I got the same error when doing the tutorial just now and had to add the -item_id $item_id \ to get it to work. I'd guess that this was simply an error in the docs -- an omission -- similar to how this:

"[$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME postgresql]$ cd /var/lib/aolserver/$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME/packages/myfirstpackages/www"

should actually be this:

"[$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME postgresql]$ cd /var/lib/aolserver/$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME/packages/myfirstpackage/www"

(note the myfirstpackage(s) part of those paths.

Anyway, here's the error message so those who run into this in the future might find it on google 😊

Required switch -item_id not provided
while executing
(procedure "mfp::note::add" line 1)
invoked from within
"mfp::note::add -title $title"
("uplevel" body line 2)
invoked from within
"uplevel #$level $new_data"
("1" arm line 598)
invoked from within
"switch $errno {
0 {
1 {
# TCL_E..."
(procedure "ad_form" line 612)
invoked from within