Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ecommerce problems

Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on
Better still than commenting out the cybercash calls is to install my Cybercash stub package. (

This package provides a dummy implementation of the old CyberCash interface. All transactions will be approved. This stub works better than the stub that comes with the ecommerce package.

Download the package from the above link and install on your server. Then visit the parameters of your ecommerce package and make sure that UseCyberCashP parameter in the payment information section is 1 (this is the default value).

Restart your server so that the new CyberCash service becomes available. You can now process credit cards as if you had a real connection to CyberCash.

Please note that the CyberCash interface will soon (in the next month or two) be replaced by a service contract based interface that allows connections to several credit card gateways. The first two gateways to become available under this paradigm are and Verisign.