Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS 4 on Mac OS X (and Darwin) HOWTO now available

Here's my results so far. If you can offer help on the PATH issue, I'd appreciate it 😊 Okay, I'm attempting my installation onto a TiBook, with a pretty much fresh copy of OS 10.1. Report so far...
  • Hmm, looks like bash 2.05a comes after 2.05. I'll grab that.
  • Under Setup User Environments, I had to delete a couple of blank lines at the beginning of the .bash_profile file downloaded.
  • To save the .bash_profile under each of the user directories, you have to d o it under the sudo -s session.
    sudo -s
    (download file to Desktop)
    cd /Desktop    ?
    cp bash_profile.txt /Users/postgres/.bash_profile
    cp bash_profile.txt /Users/nsadmin/.bash_profile
    chown postgres.staff /Users/postgres/.bash_profile
    chown nsadmin.staff /Users/postgres/.bash_profile
  • After I've changed the login shell to bash, bash now works, but the PATH is not correctly set, even though it is in the .bash_profile. WHY? I'm not sure. Suspect, however, is the fact that when I cat or less the .bash_profile, I get ^M instead of character returns. Do I have to convert the file somehow after downloading it?