Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Using slony-1 / postgres for a openacs based site.

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Bjoern,

I didn't have the right time to take a look at your post before, and now that I've get back to the cluster issues I can see you have done an excellent work. Congratulations!

Most of the script links are broke. Can you please provide them? It's easier to collaborate when we can find out what you've already done and start from there.

I guess you approach from to the replication sets is correct. Usually, the package tables will have to be replicated together. However, I'm trying to find a more general way to discover the table names and indexes. Maybe we can think about creating a folder inside the postgresql one on every package that contains all the scripts needed for replication. I'll work on them and post them here so you can comment.

Thank you again for the great work.