Forum OpenACS Q&A: view_buttons in template::form create?

I'm a bit confused about this one. The API documentation for template::form create says to use -actions to draw the buttons, that -display_buttons is deprecated. I have a program that's using -view_buttons which I changed to use -actions and now I'm getting an error in my log:
can't read "form_properties(view_buttons)": no such element in array.

I'm a bit puzzled about this - I don't think anybody here changed acs-templating to use this -view_buttons but none of the standard OpenACS programs use it. Can anyone shed any light on why I'm seeing this error?

many thanks,

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Ok, the error seems to be coming from template::form::render. There's a line that says:
foreach button $form_properties(${form_properties(mode)}_buttons) {

so I guess my mode is "view". I thought mode could either be "display" or "edit" - are there other possible values mode can take?

Posted by Brian Fenton on
I still haven't figured this one out, so I'd be grateful for any insights anyone has.