Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Contacts 1.0d and AMS 1.0d Todo List

Posted by Matthew Geddert on
I've uploaded more search conditon types, search bug fixes and search caching. I also changed contacts to make the assumption that all contacts are part of the "Registered Users" (-2) group. Since the code is heavliy coded to depend on (-2), I figured this was fine. This means that the -2 group is auto added for all contacts via www/select-groups and www/contact-add and www/contact-edit and its got its own links on the admin page. This allowed me to add the ability to "delete" contacts (available on the groups page to admins). This marks thems as "deleted" on the '-2' group and means that they won't show up any more.

I have also added parameters for setting the template for a contacts instance. Callbacks might be better, but it doesn't work with openacs 5.1.5 (which I need it to do) so for now the parameters will have to do. Once I don't need to use 5.1.5 and I have the time I can possibly convert it to callbacks.

CSS formatted letter templates and saved form letters are coming in the next day or so... Once I add form letters cr_items I will add sql code, create an uppgrade script and bump up the version numbers a step (which will auto load the new parameters - which have placeholder defaults so they aren't needed right now)

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Assuming a "contact" is a registered user does not make sense to me (or maybe I am missing the whole point of this package...).

Maybe you could add a little blurb about what the package is actually for here?