Forum OpenACS Development: Re: File-storage not installed 5.5.1

Posted by Don Baccus on
Package dropping scripts tend to be unreliable for many packages, I'm afraid.

My suggestion is to ...

1. Stop AOLserver (if it's currently running)

2. at the shell command line: dropdb your-acs-db;createdb your-acs-db

3. Restart AOLserver

4. You'll see the initial install page for all of OpenACS. Reinstall the core, restart, and try installing file-storage now, on this fresh instance.

Hope this helps!

Posted by unuser u on

That is the easy solution xD
But, yes, it was the only one. I suppose a better understanding of the db could do the job but, as always, time is time.

Is good to know that the sql drops do not work properly in some packages :S

Thanks for your help