Forum OpenACS Development: Project Manager graphic problem in Explorer

I've noticed that the box outline disappears when you are in a specific project window (..../one?project%5fitem%5fid=XXXX).
Does anybody knows what to do about it (apart avoiding using Explorer ;))?
Where can I find the related css?
Posted by Richard Hamilton on

I have seen this also but did not get around to looking at why.

I know that Malte and others are planning to work on a major re-hash of the user interface of project manager and so would recommend that you don't spend time on this just yet.

Any time might be better employed helping to create the new ui.

That said, any fix could be committed back to the current version.


Posted by Jade Rubick on
There is a style sheet that comes in the project manager package. I believe it's called project-manager/www/style.css

I welcome changes to the project manager UI, but please make sure they are communicated well here in the forums, and especially to me, since I'm currently the package maintainer..

Posted by Alex Kroman on
Hi Walter,

I plan on working on this either today or early next week. You can track the bug for this here:


5: A possible solution... (response to 1)
Posted by Luis Alberto Climent on
I did a small test that gives a quick result. It's enough to add the tag "link" for the file style.css in the file packages\project-manager\www\lib\master.adp

to recap, add:

< Link href="@mailto:package_url@style.css "rel="stylesheet" type="text/css ">

Posted by Walter Allievi on
Dear All,
sorry for the delay of my answer but I've been out of office for a couple of week.
tks for your help.