Forum OpenACS Development: Contacts updated to 1.0d3 - Letter Mail Merges and Form Letters Working

I have updated contacts to version 1.0d3 please upgrade via apm (I have included the sql upgrade scripts). You can now save messages (letters and emails) and view/use other users saved messages and perform printed letter mail merges. Printed letter mail merging is done with CSS and only tested on Firefox on Windows. If you select letterhead it will indent the left side (since our schools letterhead has information on the left margin - if you need to change this you can edit www/resources/contacts-print.css). In the long run to print consistently no matter what browser is used we will likely need to convert html/xml/xhtml or whatever to pdf... any volunteers? :-)

What I'll be working on now:

  • General usability bug fixes, page flow, etc.
  • Allowing any attribute to be used in a mail merge (right now only first_names, last_name, and name work right).
  • Allowing person objects to be "upgraded" to user objects
  • Figuring out how to not make sure every contacts needs to be in the group -2 (registered users) and implementing that solution