Forum OpenACS Development: Response to User Categorization

Posted by Ken Kennedy on
I agree with most of the comments on using bookmarks in this way. In fact, I do exactly that (add urls to bboard threads in the bookmarks module)...of course, I ported the module, so I'm kinda a bookmark junkie! *grin* And I have to do it manually, of course.

The "add a bookmark to this thread" feature described sounds pretty interesting, though that would be as much for bboard developers to work on as for me. Right now, I've got an XML-RPC interface to the OpenACS 3.X module "with the hood up" mostly works, but I put it on hold a while back intending to rewrite the whole thing into OpenACS 4 once we released.

Anyone who's interested in doing the Javascript stuff can have at it...I'm no JS guru (or even a wannabe). Feel free to email me patches, talk to Don (or whoever) about commit privs, etc. Once we've released the OpenACS 4 beta, I'll probably start looking at the bookmarks code wholesale again, with an eye towards an API (XML-RPC or otherwise) for other modules (and client test app is wxPython!) to "hook into".