Forum OpenACS CMS: Could not create configuration directory: /usr/share/ccm/conf/registry

i m installing Aplaws+ . but when i m using any command related to CCM , then i m getting some error.
like say if using CCM Start, then getting "servlet container not specified".

if i m using CCM status , i getting "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not create configuration directory: /usr/share/ccm/conf/registry".

Can any body help me..

Hi Sunil,

OpenACS is solely based on the TCL version of ArsDigita ACS.

RedHat CCM is a completely different Java product (also originally from ArsDigita).

I'm sure you have been there, but I assume that is the place to go for CCM support.

ACS Java 5.x became Red Hat CCM several years ago, probably sometime in 2002. More recently, Red Hat canceled all further development of Red Hat CCM (or so I was told), and the codebase now lives on as Byline.