Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OACS application framework draft paper

Posted by Rafael Calvo on
Thanks for your comments.

I did some more proofreading and corrected some of the gramar, the missing definitions,... please check the same links as above for the lates version.

Carl: The first two have been corrected. The 3rd reworded, OACS became ACS Tcl codebase when aD stopped maintaining it. Of course OACS comes from ACS and not the otherway around. The 4th comment (about AOLserver caused a bit of a flame so I rewrote it). In fact it was a mistake to have it in "portability" AOLserver is portable and has been ported to many platforms.

Jun: You are right. In fact this an academic paper so I am trying to be objective 😊

Mathew: 1+2+3) I have clarified some of the definitions (uhps I need to add the one for "Enterprise..") I left them aside b'cause they are in the references but I agree that the should be here. The one on Web app. framework was later in the text.

Your feedback has been useful and if you are able to do it again, it will be welcome.

Jade: The paper is already available on the OACS site.

thanks again