Forum OpenACS Q&A: New documented beta release soon?

Posted by Jeroen Leijen on
As a OpenACS newbie I am considering an installation. My simple
question: should I give it a try with the current release and
documentation or perhaps wait a little since I got the feeling that a
new well documented bundle will be available soon?
I noticed that gives me a installation
document that seems to be under construction. I.E. a link to the 4.5
download is shown but without a target.

Jeroen Leijen

Posted by Brad Ford on
Hi Jeroen, Don't know where it's officially documented yet - don't seem to be able to get there from the official releases area - but there's reference to the 4.5 install docs in this thread. They're quite usable already.
Posted by Don Baccus on
The install docs are also in the nightly tarball build.

I spent much of yesterday and am spending much of today on preliminary work to roll out the beta tarball, so ye of little faith will be proved wrong before long.  We really *will* have a beta, yes indeed!

I hope the news doesn't cause *too* many heart attacks! :)

It will probably be the end of the weekend before I actually release it, as I have other (client) work I also need to work on during the week.

But ... the wheels are finally turning and it will happen.

Posted by Jeroen Leijen on
Thanks Brad, thanks Don.

Great. This is the kind of reply I was hoping for. I'll wait for sure.