Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Can inline SQL still be used?

Posted by kapil thangavelu on
wrt to zope, the comment regarding scalability of persistent objects and relational persistence is comparing apples and oranges. the zope persistence layer is known as the ZODB, which is a transparent python object database, that can use different underlying storage formats (file, berekelydb, oracle). the scalability and stability of this layer has been proven, imo. there are several ZODB databases around the 10GB range. zope's relational integration is a more traditional approach that maps sql statements on to methods that are executed against various database adapters and integrated with the transaction system if the underlying database adapter supports it. hence i don't really understand on what basis the comment was made about the lack of scalability of zope's persistence. rereading the don's reponse it appears that the comment was related to general scalability, and on that question i don't understand from where that was inferenced, as there are more public high profile sites running on zope then openacs.