Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Postgres troubles: pg_dump errors from PG 7.0.3

Waaaaay back in 2000, Don was wondering whether these
select rule's target entry 16 has a diferent size from attribute m_address
errors are still present in PG 7.0.3 pg_dumps. The last comment in this thread was nearly a year ago, so it appears that most people are beyond this.

However, I'm just moving a site to a new box and in the process am moving from PG 7.0.3 to PG 7.1.3-7, and I see these errors now -- in fact exactly the same ones others reported. Fortunately, otherwise there are no errors, thanks to the preload of postgres.sql (I presume).

This thread doesn't provide any definitive conclusion about whether these errors are benign, as you thought they were, Don. Any further ideas at this point? The db seems to work as intended (though I've got a different weird problem that I think is unrelated).

Is this something just to ignore?