Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Yet another OpenACS 4 website...

Posted by Scott Mc Williams on
Well Matthew, I for one, would be happy to get rid of the current bboard completely. I am all for nostalgia, but honestly, bboard (which is such an important part of a number of OpenACS sites I've launched) is one of the worst modules in the system. I agree that is WAS great when it came out, and it might be nice as a stand alone module (well, strike that...I wouldn't use it for that even). But, it's time to lay it to rest. I have TONS of ideas for a new bboard module, some of which Gilbert seems to have incoporated. I posted here not too long ago with a link to as a possible replacement for the bboard as it stands. This is not an opensource solution, but I would at least look to it for inspiration. OpenACS bboards should have all of that functionality and MORE!

Should we have two bboards available to admins? Sure, why not. But, I would say, let's stop trying to bandage the old's given up the ghost. We have the technology, we can build a new bboard...better, stronger faster than ever before. And for a whole lot less than six million dollars. In the same way that the current bboard allows the admin to choose one of three different styles (USEnet, Q&A and uh...US Geospatial? does anyone REALLY use anything besides Q&A...for shame) we might as well include the old bboard along with the new improved UBB/EZBoard/Ikonboard clone.

Keep in mind, that I'm no coder...but I could certainly write a spec sheet to keep a handful of coders busy for awhile! ;)