Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Postgres troubles

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Is there any reason you're not using PG 7.2?

Main reason is that PG 7.1.3-7 is the current version for Debian woody (aka testing), the distro I use. PG 7.2 is still up in sid (aka unstable). Debian makes upgrading so easy that I hate to step off the One True Path into the custom compile route, though of course I'm happy to do that when it's important--such as with AOLServer. I gather that you're advising me to do so here, and I thus will likely do that.

However, the errors I was reporting for 7.0.3 pg_dump (and the topic of this thread) would occur if I were restoring that dump from 7.0.3 into a 7.2 DB, too, wouldn't they? My main concern was whether down the road a bit I'd find that the existing data might crap out unexpectedly, or whether things are OK.