Forum OpenACS Development: New Data Manager Package: specifications

Hello all,

I've just uploaded at cvs a draft of the new package that we are implementing at UC3M. It is basically a common interface which allow you to move, copy, delete, export (xml) and import (xml) objects.

Theese objects could be faqs, forums, news, assessments, custom portlets, etc. The aim is to easy the process of creating a new community and put contents into it.

The branch used is 5.2, and you can find specifications at /datamanager/www/doc/index.html If anyone have an idea and want to insert changes in this spec, please read the README.txt file.

Feedback would be welcome.

Posted by Dave Bauer on
From a quick look, it appears these operations require a dotlrn community. It seems like it could work just as well working on a package instance level, this would allow the use of these functions on any OpenACS installation.

Is your intent to have it work just for .LRN, or for any OpenACS install?

Posted by Luis de la Fuente on
Your are right, Dave. The package is being created to be used just in .LRN, because the idea is to move and copy objects between communities and/or classes.
Posted by Dave Bauer on
Sure, I understand the intent of the package. But we can think about this a different way that makes it useful for any OpenACS setup.

Instead of thinking of copying forums from one class to another, you are really copying the forum from one package instance of forums to another, since the forum cannot exist outside of the forums package.

Same thing with files in file-storage etc. This would possibly complicate the UI. Its easy for .LRN since there is one forums package per community, etc. If we wanted to handle this per subsite, it would have to be able to let you select the forums package within the target subsite. Of course we can imagine whether its ideal to have multiple forums packages in a subsite or not, but since the system allows it, we would need to support it.

This all leads to the simplification of the entire thing if dotlrn used subsites, or at least behaved as if it did. This ability to stand-in for a subsite is availble in OpenACS 5.2 and I think any .LRN based on it should support this feature. It would make programming with .LRN easier and reduce the amount of custom checking if .LRN is installed.