Forum .LRN Q&A: Change language for "Each Community"

Posted by Pietro Zuco on
Hi all.

I had created three communities. Each for different language users.
I had no problems installing the languages and everythig was ok.

My problem is:

After a user login in dotLRN and clock to her community, the user have to go to the link at the bottom and change by herself the language.

I would like that when the user enter to a community, the enviroment change to the corresponding community language. So the user, don't have to change the language by her own.

Thanks in advance.


Posted by Deds Castillo on

Go to your site-map /admin/site-map, edit the parameters for acs-lang and set UsePackageLevelLocalesP to 1. This should display the community in the locale which is defined in the apm_packages table, default_locale column.

I can't recall now if there was a UI to change a community's locale though or if I made a new one for a demo site we did that's specifically for showcasing different classes with localized content.

Posted by Pietro Zuco on
Thanks Deds.

I changed the value but I still have a similar problem.
For example when an spanish user enter in the community, he is still see everithing in english. The user have by himself to change the language.

I would like to set a predefined language to a community. So when every new user enter in that commuity, the language is set automatically to the predefined community language.

Changing the value, give me the opportunity to change a new field: "Locale for My-server-name" but it didn't work.

Thank you in advance.