Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Installing Packages in new OACS 4.5

Posted by G. Armour Van Horn on

Hope springs eternal, but that sequence doesn't get me home. In fact, I reinstalled AOLServer (make clean, then repeated the install), double checked all users, .bash_profiles, repeated the PostgreSQL install (still 7.2), and got to the AOLServer page. The datamodel loaded, although I didn't get the "Next" button until I went back to the root and hit Next again, at which point I had the Next button to install the packages.

However, again it only went through one screen's worth and stopped. I backed up and tried it again, this time I went to lunch but it only ended up with a dozen lines or so.

If I go to the right column has some code in it rather than a list of packages. Everything on the left side works except for the "API Browser for this ACS Instance." That goes back to the startup screen and hitting Next tries to install packages again.

In the wimls-error.log I see a number of errors that look like

The error: Invalid database type "oracle"
(along with one that said "postgresql")

The first instance of the word fail (searching the last 2000 lines of the wimls-error.log) is right at the end:

[06/Mar/2002:13:11:25][17637.5126][-conn2-] Error: Error sourcing /web/wimls/packages/acs-bootstrap-installer/in$
psql:acs-install.sql:247: ERROR:  apm_packages_package_key_fk referential integrity violation - key referenced f$
psql:acs-install.sql:254: ERROR:  ExecAppend: Fail to add null value in not null attribute object_id

    invoked from within
"db_source_sql_file -callback apm_ns_write_callback acs-install.sql"
    invoked from within
"if { ![ad_acs_admin_node] } {
    ns_write "  <p><li> Completing Install sequence.<p>
    cd [file join [acs_root_dir] packages..."
    (file "/web/wimls/packages/acs-bootstrap-installer/installer/packages-install.tcl" line 34)
    invoked from within
"source $__file "
I put the last 2000 lines of the error log up at in case anyone can make any sense out of it.

It feels like I'm getting close, but maybe I'm just getting closer - as in six inches closer but still five miles away?