Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Has anyone written a Paypal gateway?

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
I haven't attempted any beautiful abstractions but here is some nuts and bolts code for anyone who's interested:
    set success_p 0
    set tx [ns_queryget tx]
    if { [string equal $tx ""] } {
        #No paypal data!  Take appropriate action, probably
        #return or error.

    set token "(your token)"

    #Retrieve transaction data from paypal.
    set qsset [ns_set new qsset]
    ns_set put $qsset tx "$tx"
    ns_set put $qsset at $token
    ns_set put $qsset cmd "_notify-synch"
    set results [ns_httpspost "" $qsset]
    ns_set free $qsset

    set vars [list txn_id mc_currency payment_gross first_name last_name payer_email custom]

    #Extract transaction data.
    foreach line [split $results \n] {
        if { [string equal $line SUCCESS] } {
            set success_p 1
        set info [split $line \=]
        if { [llength $info] == 2 && [lsearch $vars [lindex $info 0]] >= 0 } {
            set [lindex $info 0] [lindex $info 1]
        if { [string equal [lindex $info 0] payer_email] } {
            set payer_email [ns_urldecode $payer_email]

    #Validate transaction data and pack local data structure, a list suitable for use with array get.
    set txn_vars [list]
    foreach var $vars {
        if { ![info exists $var] } {
            set success_p 0
        } else {
            lappend txn_vars $var [set $var]
            if { [string equal $var custom] } {
                #take whatever special actions needed for
                #your custom var (e.g. database key)

    return [list $success_p $txn_vars]