Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Is someone interested in the ACS 4.x Java Chat Module for openacs 3.2.x?

Wow, my little P200 firewall/IP Masq'er went down last night and I didn't figure out that it was it and not my DSL line until about 30 minutes ago, and look what's happened?

Tons of chat about chat!  Cool.  Good news on Malte's Jabber module for AOLserver.

Rocael's e-mailed me about doing the OpenACS 4.5 post-release port and I'm excited, this sounds pretty cool.

Rocael - you might want to start a thread over in the 4.x design forum about the basic structuring of the presentation (chat admin pages/Java client, etc) vs. those pieces doing the actual protocol stuff.  You're probably going to want to do some redesign of the package as it stands now and I'm sure folks will be eager to discuss it.

Does this sound like a good idea?