Forum OpenACS Q&A: Can I get some help with AOLServer installation

I'm a new comers,I've some problem on installing the AOL Server,it seems like my tcl is not threaded,can anyone help me with this problem
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Well, did you try compiling it with threads enabled? I prefer to do it like so:
$ umask 002
$ cd /tmp/tcl/unix
$ ./configure --enable-threads --enable-symbols --enable-gcc --enable-shared
# Edit Makefile now - see below.
$ make
$ make test
$ sudo make install
$ sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/tclsh8.4
$ sudo chmod 644 /usr/local/lib/libtclstub*.a
Edit the Makefile: Tcl's configure script is dumb and turns off all optimization when it turns on -g. To fix that, simply manually edit Makefile changing both plain "-g" and "-O" to "-g -O", like so:
CFLAGS_DEBUG    = -g -O 
On some systems the Tcl configure script picks -O, on others it picks -O2. I just use whatever level of optimization it decided on, but turn on both debugging and optimization in both flavors of CFLAGS.
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
And make sure you get version 8.4.11 as previous versions of TCL had threading problems (memory leak), causing AOLserver to grab all memory.