Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Getting ready for beta - tagging and branching CVS

I just checked the Subversion project page and it looks good, as it takes care of a couple of the major issues with CVS:

1. commits will be atomic, no more halfway-commits if your ISP goes out of business half-way through a commit.

2. multiple merges will be handled gracefully, they hope.  That would be nice.

3. branching handled in a more natural manner, rather than being a special kind of tag it will be a special operation on a tag.

These are nice.  There's some other good stuff but these seem like the three major ones.  Making merges and branching easier to use would solve the #1 complaint folks have with CVS I think (?)

They say they're keeping commands and options as close to CVS as makes sense, which would be handy for those who are used to just grabbing sources now and then.