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Posted by G. Armour Van Horn on
Now that I finally have my very own OpenACS 4.5a system and I've got a mess of data behind it in PostgreSQL, I come to the real reason for starting this whole thing.

All this first system needs to do is two things: Display a page to build a query into a real estate listing database. (Stuff like location, number of bedrooms, acreage, school district, etc.) Then display a page with the results. And, I guess, allow the display of more detailed information from the first results set. But as much as I've been through "the book" and all the documentation I can get my hands on I haven't seen anything that starts to tell me how to build queries and display results.

Or is that one of those things that should be intuitively obbvious to the most casual observer?


Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
sounds like a job for Sql for Web Nerds
Posted by Ken Kennedy on
Or the Boot Camp Problem sets. They are ACS rather than OpenACS-based, but they definitely lead you through the basics of query creation, etc.