Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ORACLE occasional stream_write_lob error when downloading files

1. Is there an available patch to solve this problem?, so I can avoid the upgrade 2. How can I upgrade to any docs that may help? what do I with the old installation? consider that this is a production system, so I need to be very careful with the data and I can't be offline a long time.
  1. The upgrade is the patch, AFAIK. Oracle usually doesn't backport fixes, unless you're a very big customer with a peculiar support contract. If I was in your position, I'd try getting a 8.1.7 upgrade via your Oracle sales contact, and then update it to via the patchsets available via anonymous FTP from
  2. I share your concerns about the availability of your production machine. I'd try cloning the DB to another machine and perform the upgrade/migration on that; there is plenty of documentation on the web, either from Oracle (be sure to read the release notes!) or third parties. Check for example Howard J. Rogers' site and the Oracle cooperative FAQ. Search also Google groups, you'll find lots of questions and answers about Oracle upgrades and migrations.